Hello world!

Welcome to Style Cakes blog!! I can’t believe I’m finally writing my first post, mostly because I got this awesome WordPress blog in January 2015 – that’s 2015!! A whole year ago. Why did I wait so long? I don’t know….yet. Maybe I’ll learn one day why it had to be now and not a year ago. I’m trying to embrace changes in myself as they develop and just going with the flow. Last year I was in a very different emotional and physical space. I was working fulltime in insurance claims  which is a very stressful career and I was dealing with some persistent health issues. Now I’m not in the insurance industry  and so much stress has been relieved just with that change. With my head and heart clear, my health has improved dramatically and I’m ready to create beautiful things again!

So thank you for being here. I hope you will enjoy my art in sugar form! More to come soon………



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